VOD Real Estate Optimization and Metrics

Do you have marketing capability on your VOD platform and do you fully utilise it?

As audiences spend more time on VOD platforms, it’s critical to develop your marketing capability to continue to engage audiences with your brand and content.


We work with VOD platforms to maximise the potential of your on-platform marketing. This may range from providing analyses to show the need to unlock marketing real estate, through to optimisation of audiences and revenues.  


Unlike linear, a richer data environment in VOD offers much greater insight & tracking of effectiveness.

VOD allows for behavioural approaches in audience segmentation

Dial up your effectiveness by aligning your marketing real estate and messaging to each segment

Time Spent







How well do you maximise your Real estate capability?

Our areas of focus to maximise your on-platform marketing opportunity

Testing and optimisation

Developing marketing capability on-platform

Media strategy

Audience segmentation

Case study: VOD

US AVOD platform


  • AVOD platform with low consumer awareness, low frequency of usage but big ambition for growth

  • Investment in original content, alongside library content – but unclear on how to promote both to audiences

  • Rich data but limited application for marketing activities, undermined by commercial pressures severely limiting promotional inventory


  • Delivered a prioritisation framework to aid campaign decision making and support the wide range of marketing tasks required

  • Proof of value of on platform marketing and effectiveness analysis to understand differing levels of success by media format and content type

  • Recommendations on how to further evolve best practice on platform promotion and maximise ROI over time



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