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Our Team

At JWM, we are passionate about TV marketing and content.

We are an agile team that together bring a truly unique blend of experience of broadcast and media agency, which allows us to offer a trusted, expert viewpoint on the marketing of TV content to today’s dynamic audiences. 

When we’re not travelling around the world, we are normally busy devouring the latest and greatest series and movies, wherever we can find it.  


Since launch in 2011, we have worked with TV clients in over 35 countries across 6 continents.       


Alan james.JPG

Alan James

Over 30 years experience in Media; encompassing broadcasting and advertising.

Prior to founding JWM, Alan was the BBC’s first Head of Media Planning with responsibility for on-air media strategy and implementation for marketing across the corporation’s TV, radio and digital services


His previous role as Broadcast Buying Director at Ogilvy & Mather, together with his broadcast experience, allows him to best understand the commercial demands of a broadcaster together with its marketing requirements.


Prominent speaker across the international conference scene, including Promax and EBU.


Alan thrives on helping to bring clarity and marketing planning best practice to broadcast and streaming companies.

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