Training & Staff Development

Are your staff sufficiently skilled to deliver your business requirements?

There is little provision of training tailored specifically to the unique challenges that TV marketing strategy, promotion and its implementation requires. 

We plug this gap with a range of training workshops, coaching & facilitation services to ensure your teams are applying latest best practice techniques and strategies for success.

Our workshops are relevant across multiple roles and experience levels. They can benefit anyone responsible for linear and VOD marketing, whether from a strategic or an implementation perspective.

Case study: Training

African pay platform with owned & third party services



  • Introduction of promo optimiser to  large media portfolio required the upskilling of teams to equip them with the media knowledge to apply to their TV Marketing campaigns

  • A highly siloed business that needed to become more integrated and adapt workflows to maximise the full capability & benefits of an optimiser

  • A marketing team that needed to be become more skilled in campaign planning



  • Delivered a training programme, both face to face and virtually, rolled out across campaign implementation teams in order to equip them with the media knowledge and understand its application within an optimiser

  • Additional training & coaching for team managers, including facilitation sessions to re-align workflows, processes and decision making within the new ‘automated’ environment

  • Workshops tailored to marketing community to better support the campaign planning function through effective prioritisation and campaign planning


Develop Staff Knowledge Our Most Popular Modules

Media Planning Essentials

Media Planning, Scheduling,Junior Marketers, Creative Teams

  • Media planning terminology, toolsand their use

  • Creating media plans

  • Navigation & audience retention

Marketing Strategy and Planning

Media Planning, Marketing, Research, Programming, Creative Teams

  • Marketing objectives & value of promotion

  • Strategic prioritisation of marketing content

  • Creating the perfect plan & achieving optimal use of media

We also offer facilitation sessions to brainstorm solutions to marketing challenges and one to one mentoring