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Unique Training for the South East Asia TV Broadcast Community - April 2021

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The first of its kind in South East Asia, hosted by a Skills Future Singapore accredited Adult Educator from the JWM Singapore team, the multi-broadcaster training workshops have arrived!

There is a lack of training in the broadcast market that is tailored specifically to the unique challenges of TV marketing strategy, promotion and its implementation – both linear and non-linear.

Delivered by experienced managers with both broadcast media planning and advertising backgrounds (BBC, Sky and Viacom UK), JWM plugs this gap with training specifically tailored to staff across multiple roles and experience levels, who are responsible for TV content on-air and VOD marketing, whether from a strategic or an implementation perspective.

Although virtual, they promise to retain the international dynamism that these sessions across many parts of the World have become known for.

Whatever your role; strategic or implementational, if you are involved in content marketing then we will have sessions for you.

Workshop topics, logistics and cost information can be found below:

JWM Workshops SG- Virtual April 2021
Download PDF • 343KB

Please reserve your space via the booking form here or drop us a line directly.



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