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Is your smart TV taking over your life?

Do Smart TV’s hold the key to recruitment of audiences to content?

I’ve noticed my Samsung smart TV catches my attention in several different ways, more often than not, it’s the big players who are already occupying these spaces.

  • Branding integrated into the user journey: My TV remote has a logo and ‘speed dial’ straight to Netflix and Amazon Prime. Not only quick and easy but builds brand trust

  • Key real estate improves the experience - My home screen allows customisation of app positioning, which I overlay while watching, serving me editorially relevant thumbnail promotions

  • Appease my idle thumbs - I can even watch two pieces of content using split screen functionality – if I ever wanted to do that??

There are some very interesting partnerships developing and these types of features highlight how important future distribution deals are, where control of key marketing real estate is critical to reach audiences who lean towards convenience.

A previous era when quality time between brands and audience’s attention was easy, but now we’ve reached saturation, brands need new methods and new spaces.

Should these spaces form part of an overall integrated marketing strategy, surely vital to future audience recruitment?



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