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Do VOD platforms lack brand personality ?

Does your brand personality shine through on your VOD platform? UK's ALL4 does this well in two ways.

  1. Engaging with audiences through the use of talent in-vision recommendations that are served as you stream content. It's a different approach that makes for a more personal viewing experience – just like listening to a familiar radio presenter

  2. Topical curated collections prioritised on their home page. Current curated collections include:

'HIDDEN GEMS - AS VOTED BY C4 STAFF IN LOCKDOWN' - Serving some classic and quality archive content at a time when new content is scarce and resonates with current audience needs for nostalgia and escapism

‘BLACK VOICES, BLACK LIVES’ - Collection that is not only topical but aligns perfectly with the channels remit to champion "unheard voices and to stand up for diversity".

These initiatives add both a sense of uniqueness and allow their brand personality to shine in what can sometimes be clinical platform experiences.

As competition in the On Demand space heats up, how we can find new ways to ensure our platforms are not just a sea of thumbnails and devoid of its unique personality?



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