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A once in a lifetime opportunity!

Has the once in a lifetime opportunity to 'capture' new audiences through your owned media, without the need for a big ATL commitment been fully realised?

The COVID-19 lockdown, presented broadcasters with the potential to reach light audiences or new viewers to their networks.

Whilst we saw much heralded viewing levels recorded, these were attained in general by default and circumstance rather than planned. The first step to increase ‘consideration to watch’ amongst non or lighter viewers can only have a positive effect leading to increased overall volume in the longer run.

As this lockdown will still take time to end, there does remain an opportunity to achieve this goal, however a framework of robust prioritisation of content by audience segment is essential to achieve this.

This policy would allow for the right messaging to resonate with potential ‘growth’ viewers, with the aim of the game to change perception and create reappraisal.

What do you think is the right balance between recruitment and volume, and do you think that your organisation has got it right?



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