Multi-Media Campaign Planning Model

Do you have tailor-made, effective media plans for all your content needs?

Media organisations often don’t have the internal resource to adequately plan all their campaigns, often running into 100s in number.
Our Multi-Media Campaign Planning Model solves this problem at a portfolio level.
We utilise our media planning expertise and your audience data to create a set of tailor made media plans that provide a crucial tool kit for your internal teams.

This ensures that:

  • All campaigns are effective and grounded in media science. No wastage!

  • All campaigns align to your content & business requirements

  • You address the needs of different audience segments

  • You maximise your audience communication & marketing real estate

  • You save time in your campaign planning

  • An under-resourced team is equipped with the tools to plan and implement effective marketing

Multi-media campaign model ingredients





Apply Communication Principles to Planning

Campaign model incorporates frequency planning to ensure effectiveness at each campaign stage for a specified target audience

Example : New Series Targeting 25-44 Women

6 AVE. 


4 AVE. 



4 AVE. 

3 AVE. 


Optimal levels of GRPs by episode 

The essential component parts of each campaign in our multi-media model

Optimum Media Mix

Target Audiences

Campaign Flighting

Campaign Weight,
Reach & Frequency

Campaign Metrics

Annual Make-List Volumes

Case study: Multi-media campaign planning model


Northern European market leader

Northern European | market leader


  • Promotional model heavily grounded in linear best practices challenged with a huge shift in audience to digital services

  • A multi-media organisation, struggling to integrate and fully exploit the combined power of their owned media portfolio across TV, Radio & Digital platforms

  • Under resourced creative & media teams, struggling to serve the demands from both linear and digital services


Developed a Multi-Media Campaign Planning Model that:

  • Was uniquely tailored to a wide range of target audiences, addressing the needs of  super-served along with less engaged audience key for future growth

  • Optimised media inventory to deliver 15% increased value and improved campaign effectiveness

  • Provided a bespoke campaign tool kit for under resourced teams, ensuring all campaign plans are grounded in media science

  • Re-aligned linear vs digital balance to reflect changing audience behaviour & shift in creative resource

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