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Content Marketing Prioritisation Framework

Does your prioritisation process address business objectives?

Every TV organisation must prioritise to what extent each service, platform and content title will be marketed to audiences.


We take a unique approach to this challenge with our Content Marketing Prioritisation Framework.  It provides TV organisations with the thinking, process and tools to make effective and strategic decisions.


  • Ensures that all business and service objectives are aligned with marketing support, whether in the short or long term

  • Ensures that all audience segments are represented

  • Provides a strategic, yet effective framework that can be used across each channel and service within your portfolio and also unifies the portfolio with one focused approach.

How do you manage the stakeholder issue?


“This ‘A’ priority is a better brand fit”

Airtime Sales

“This drives high consumption, it must be a top priority”


‘‘This is high quality and expensive,
it must be a top priority”


What our prioritisation framework provides…

  • A bespoke set of Campaign Priority Categories, strategically aligned to all of  your marketing tasks, content and services

  • A clear set of robust criteria for each category, that aids clear decision making across all stakeholders

  • A shared internal language around prioritisation that gives clarity to all business units on the key objectives of each campaign category

  • An unique process that can be applied to your day to day business, operating at a single channel level as well as a complex matrix organisational level

Case study: Uniting a portfolio through our unique prioritisation framework

Global multi-national across 6 continents



  • Network of channel brands with varying distribution globally and little consistency or strategic approaches to the marketing of content across regions

  • Requirement to maximise revenues with growing pressure from competition, both linear and non-linear

  • An aging audience footprint that was becoming increasingly difficult to monetise



Developed a Content Marketing Prioritisation Framework that:

  • Served individual service/content needs whilst forming the basis for a unified and strategically aligned approach across multiple regions

  • Super served loyal audiences, whilst addressing the need to grow younger audiences

  • Ensured that programming, marketing and creative had a unified approach to content marketing that addressed the short and longer term business needs

  • Combined with campaign model that ultimately delivered significant increase in media effectiveness and creative efficiency

5 influences we consider to shape your

prioritisation and promotional strategy

UK – 3.png


UK – 2.png


UK – 1.png

Platform & Services

UK – 4.png


UK – 5.png

Brand Perception

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