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Campaign Analysis & Evaluation

Campaign analysis

What metrics do you set to measure success?

The majority of TV marketing campaigns rely heavily on the use of owned and earned media, but often the 24/7 nature of TV dictates that learnings, insight and evaluation of campaign activity is inconsistent.

As competition for audience attention intensifies, it is critical to ensure that you are constantly evaluating and refining your campaigns, to ensure you remain competitive and effective.

JWM have extensive experience in evaluation and analyses of audience data for TV campaigns to help measure, benchmark and deliver insights. This ensures broadcasters continue to maximise their ROI from their significant owned media resource.


Our team have worked in senior roles in both media agencies and within broadcaster in-house marketing teams. We have a deep understanding of audience behaviour and the use of audience data to provide insight and deliver campaign evaluation.

If you have Audience Data, then we can Analyse! Our Most Popular Analyses


Conversion to View


Heavy, Medium & Light

Audience Analysis to Identify

Growth Opportunities


Understanding Effective Campaign Communication


Optimising Campaign Flighting


Frequency Capping Testing &  Behavioural Targeting


Optimising Creative
 Asset Production

Case Study: Audience analysis to drive promotional success

West European market lead commercial broadcaster



  • Large commercial network that had stagnated in terms of viewing and a legacy brand health challenge

  • Formulaic approach to TV marketing that failed to address the above issues

  • Audience targeting approach based on very broad commercial revenue audiences that failed to address the changes required for long term success



  • Identification of key audience groups for marketing focus to ensure loyal audiences retained whilst addressing potential for growth. This was based on a behavioural rather than demographic approach to promotional strategy

  • Created a promotional campaign strategy and model to maximise marketing effectiveness against these audiences. This included a shift in campaign type, as well as media plans and number of campaigns

  • Introduced regular campaign/programme/channel performance metrics in order to monitor progress and successes.

  • This, combined with other internal marketing initiatives contributed to the portfolio showing growth for the first time in 10 years

Case Study: Deep Analysis

Nordic FTA Portfolio of channels 



  • Broadcaster portfolio 3rd in market, under increasing pressure to maximise the impact of owned media marketing as paid budgets reducing

  • Wanted to gain insight into effectiveness of a number of different marketing tactics on-air to help maximise the ROI from a new promotional strategy



We analysed the following factors to provide insights into effectiveness and shape the campaign model that we subsequently provided:

  • Relationship between promotional frequency of communication and subsequent viewing of content. At launch and post launch of series content

  • Audience retention across series and insight into the need for on-going promotion

  • Sport viewing and viewers across the portfolio to identify what % of marketing should be behind sport and how to build communication to sport audiences

  • Effectiveness of navigation in retaining audiences across key timeslots

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