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PromoMii's NOVA: AI for Creatives App


Can you fulfil the demand for creative assets across all of your media touchpoints?

How much time do your Creatives spend logging programme footage as part of creative asset production process?

Are you struggling to meet the increased demand for creative video assets across your organisation?


PromoMii’s NOVA application uses AI technology to solve these issues. NOVA identifies and generates clips in seconds, which can be turned into short form assets for social media & VOD platforms or form the basis of crafting on-air promos.

PromoMii's NOVA is the solution


The current situation with  creating assets:

  • Expensive

  • Time consuming 

  • Increasing demand to serve multiple platforms

The benefits of using NOVA:

  • Increase creative production volume

  • All media touchpoints; linear, VOD, social

  • Avid and Premiere Pro compatible

  • 70% reduction in production time

  • Cloud based and secure (AWS)