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Can media planning techniques make A more effective VOD homepage?

A recent audit we completed of UK broadcaster VOD platform showed that 30-50% of available placements within their Hero Carousels was allocated to just 3 key titles across a 2-week period.

Just like in linear, it is critical to understand the optimal number of titles to prioritise and how often you surface these priorities. This space is your shop window and likely to be the only real estate that reaches all visitors.

We recommend you are guided by your audience data. Traditional communication metrics, particularly frequency is a useful metric to apply. You can then integrate

(clicks / conversion data over time) to optimise this real estate, whilst also adhering to editorial needs too.

Differing levels of traffic will determine frequency of audience exposure to placements, which should inform the number of priority titles selected. Although the figures above may be a guide, to be truly optimal a deeper analyses of audience consumption and usership is essential.

Can media planning techniques help maximise the potential of this real estate?



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